The Phoenix Players

Casting complete for Agatha Crusty and the Murder Mystery Dinner

Auditioning for the next Phoenix show, Agatha Crusty and the Murder Mystery Dinner was held over two weeks due to the snow and Peter Clarke and his team on the audition panel had a gruelling task to choose between so many talented actors.   They have narrowed down and finalised their selection and here it is;

Agatha: Irene Skelton
Caroline: Valerie Bird
Geoffrey : Kevin Cordell
Nicola: Erin Corrigan
Nigel: Steve Penfold
Tim: Chris Doyle
Anna: Jo Webb
Duncan: Oliver Thorne
Tanya: Kate Burrows
Martin: Brendan McCarthy
Lydia: Lorraine Bream

Thank you to everyone who had auditioned, welcome to the newcomer Chris and congratulations on those who were successful.



Agatha Crusty and the Murder Mystery Dinner - Read Through

Auditions of the comedy play Agatha Crusty and the Murder Mystery Dinner, on 28th February at Trinity church hall from 7:30pm and 29th February at Handsworth House from 7:30pm. Presented by The Phoenix Players, performance dates 30th May to 2nd June 2018. 


EGM - Tuesday 13th March

 Dear Member,

The Committee would like to propose a change to the membership fee.

 We are trying to make it more beneficial for you as a member.

The pros of this change will be having no production fees for any show.

You will also have a monthly payment and not a bulk payment every year. (by Direct Debit Mandate)

If approved this will take effect from 1st May 2018.

For this we are calling an EGM on Tuesday 16th March 2018 at 7:30-8:30, at Handworth House, Somers Town, Southsea

There will be no increase to non-member or patron fees.